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Dewy Content is a Melbourne copywriting and content marketing studio providing health, lifestyle and beauty brands with clever creative.

We combine serious strategy with whimsical words, to give your business a dewy, gorgeous glow-up – with content that builds a loyal community, expands your online presence and makes your products sell like hotcakes.

What’s unique about you? Before creating content, you need to have a strategic plan. This is where a content strategy is your saving grace. We'll help you discover what you want to say, who you’re saying it to and the best ways to communicate your message effectively.


Our Services

Email marketing. Social Media. Attracting press and getting publicity. Yep, it's a lot! But having been in the throes of the media world ourselves, we’ll help you create an engaging online presence that gets journalists, editors and publications buzzing. It all starts with a killer angle.

Content Marketing

The best copy is a mixture of creativity, chemistry and concision. It also needs to be strategic with SEO so it can be indexed and displayed by the Google gods. We’ll craft compelling copy for your website and marketing collateral so you’ll always have your best face forward.


Say goodbye to dry content. Choose your glow-up

I help your business get that healthy dewy glow through copy that your customers actually enjoy reading. As a copywriter and content marketer with a decade of experience under his belt, my expertise spans many sectors, namely the health, beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle industries. I also have a special love for e-commerce and startup businesses.

I’m a bit of a chameleon, which allows me to easily adapt and act like an extension of your brand. If you need a content refresh or itching to rejuvenate your content marketing strategy, let’s be friends.

I’m a witty wordsmith that loves to build brands through the power of storytelling. 

I’m Aleczander! Welcome to my corner of the internet.

Meet your SEO Copywriter and Content Marketer

- Janee Rutherford, Preston Dermatology

I recently engaged Aleczander to create content for our new brand The Cosmetic Clinic by Preston Dermatology, including brand headlines, website content, brochure content and brand bio. I chose Aleczander due to his experience working with health and beauty brands, and his passion and interest in skincare. I found Aleczander's work was well researched, diligent, clever and delivered on time. I would highly recommend working with Aleczander, it was an enjoyable process and the content created was creative and on brand. 

- Gabriela Torres-Soler, Matrak

As our Copywriter, Aleczander significantly improved our SEO and took our company to be the #2 Google result for our primary search term. He even spearheaded our first Industry wide report. Aleczander is excellent at bringing the correct stakeholders into processes at the right time and communicating progress and delivery timeframes. He is highly professional, an excellent communicator, and improved our processes and quality of copy.

- Ben Chidiac, Beard & Blade

We approached Aleczander to create content for our website, Beard & Blade. We chose him because of his attention to detail, knowledge of the men's grooming and beauty industry and all round professionalism. We found working with him to be straight forward with no fuss – Aleczander is a gun copywriter!

- Catherine Falalis, Universal Media Co.

Working with Aleczander is always an absolute pleasure! He goes above and beyond during his research and meets deadlines accordingly. Not only is he competent in both long and short form copy, his writing does not require multiple edits which saves us so much time. His best asset, however, is his ability to communicate throughout the entire process, ensuring we’re kept up to speed at each stage. Highly recommend!

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TURN APATHY INTO ACTION THROUGH powerful copy, EFFECTIVE content marketing and SAVVY content strategy.

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Our bread and butter is working with healthcare businesses trying to make the world a better place. Whether you're hospitals, aged care, mental health organisations or specialist services like dermatology and more.

Health & healthcare

Our commitment to health naturally leads to our passion for the beauty industry. If you're in the skincare, hair, men’s grooming, beauty or professional beauty services, we'll get along just fine! We love all things skin health.


If you eat, live and breathe healthy living, we're a match made in heaven. Personal trainers, nutritionists, supplements, health coaches, naturopaths and fitness brands are our forte. Wellbeing is part of our core ethos.


Clearly conveying your product's features and benefits is the key to growt, whether you manufacture designer furniture, custom stationery or quality fashion apparel, Cue in clever copy that says (and does) the hard yards for you.


Online shopping is a big world. As an e-commerce brand, you need compelling content and copy to grow your digital presence and scale into the next phase of growth.


Your startup is full of passion, grit and innovation. Launch your business on the right foot, with copy and content that builds a community of customers. Put your best face forward and grow your business to exciting heights.


Let's work together

The Dewy Content team work with brands and businesses all over the world. Whether you’re locally based in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth - everywhere!) or on the other side of the world, our team is ready to make your brand glow with custom content that embodies you and your customers. 

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